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CP/ 2024

︎︎︎ The wardrobe ︎︎︎  

Collections of 5 hand-made uniforms (cook, delivery boy, maintenance worker, housekeeper and bellboy). Textile installation. Mop, beer cap, wine cap, tarpaulin, bubble wrap, nesting card, receipt, sponge, towel, greaseproof paper, roasting string, bread dough, sandpaper, bleach, clothesline and metal rod.

Exhibition view, Mediatheque, Brussels 2024

The uniform is a regulated and contractual garment, a profound marker of social class in the work hierarchy. The wardrobe is a collection of hand-made work uniforms. For the design of each uniform, I use a material that draws directly on the tools of the trade. By diverting the work tool, I question its function and utility. This project questions the status of the modern worker, his alienation and invisibility, using his clothing as a referent and symbolic object. To deal with this subject I decided to reproduce these processes of subordination by creating a body of work that would take a long time to produce. I set to work, carrying out a task that calls for repetitive gestures, a way of breaking down and counterfeiting the temporality of work.

Exhibition view of the wardrobe and Gare à vous, La Médiatine, Brussels 2024

Exhibition view of window n°14 of the Art au centre programme in Liège, February/April 2024