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CP/ 2023

︎︎︎ Dirty Salt ︎︎︎

12-minute colour film shot in 4K minutes, Cape Verde

(- I have got salt on my fingers !
- This is what happen ifyou get to the dead see.
- Water, I need some water !
- My friend Jenie said that’s exactly what happened to her.
- Did we decide ?
- O yeah it’s included in the price.)

In a desert landscape well known to tour operators, European tourists on all-inclusive holidays are discovering the major tourist attraction in this African country: a salt lake.
I've been following one aspect of current tourism that questions me. These groups are in a chosen passivity, with no spontaneous interactions and stay together according to the language they speak. They don't choose the  activities they are going to do, they do not choose the places they visit: The hotel decides for them.